Hannah & David

Wedding Day 😀

First a few “getting ready” pictures with Mama and sister(-in-law) Jess

And then down to business!

And then it was time for a wedding!

Most adorable flower girls ever

The beautiful bride

…and her beautiful rainbow wedding 🙂


The parents lit their candles and said their blessings.

Ben and Jess led a few lovely hymns.

The quartet sang…

Hannah and David said their vows…

Exchanged rings and a kiss…

Lit the Unity Candle…

And then, something many in the crowd were not expecting happened 🙂

FLASHMOB! Which, of course, I couldn’t take pictures of, other than the very beginning before my part, but according to Hannah’s blog, it looked something like this:

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Such a very Hannah-and-David wedding.

That was followed by a little cupcakes-and-lemonade reception, which I didn’t get a good picture of, but Hannah’s cousin Natasha sure did! So here’s hers:


There were a couple more, too… I don’t remember what all the flavors were, but they all sounded ridiculously good. There was a lemony one, red velvet, the blue one was almond, I think the green was something unexpected-but-awesome, and the pinky-purple in the back there was Earl Grey flavored and freaking delicious. My lovely family for the week made those, in fact! But I’m not being biased at all – seriously, favorite cupcake ever.

Speaking of my lovely host family, here they are!:

Wedding party and family amassed for some official posed photos on the lawn…

Hannah’s extended family above, and immediate family below

It took some doing to get Lydia to be still and smiling at the same time, but they managed. 🙂

David’s Mom talking to the guys while their photos they weren’t required for were being taken.

Hannah and her rainbow bridesmaids!

The Mells leaving… and making fantastic faces at my surprise camera attack 🙂 (I love this picture so much.)

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  • Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed this story!! Thank you so much for sharing it, and for taking all these lovely photos!! You are a fantastic photographer!! I’ve seen you many times shooting, but I think this is the first time I have seen your work. Wow!!
    God bless all your future endeavors!! Much love, Kathie
    PS so amazing that your folks got married at the same church as Jo & Dennis F!!

  • This was EPIC!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for your beautiful blogging, beloved Lauren. Can’t wait for your Wichivisit!

    • ^_^ Yaaay! You are so very welcome! Feel free to grab any of the photos from Flickr, and let me know if there are any you want prints of! (Could also dump the whole heap of them onto a disc for you if you like.)

      I can’t wait either! I’ll email you some possible dates sooooon. 😀

  • Loved this Seels! Wow. HOnestly, I spent until the last picture wondering who’s blog this was 🙂 So much fun to read and I loved every single picture. Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks! Haha oh man, you’re right, there’s absolutely no indication it’s me in the blog itself unless you look at the About page! Whoops! Guess I better do something about that! 😛 Thanks for pointing that out Beth!!

  • Pamela Fitzsimmons

    WOW!! I am great friends with Natasha’s mom, Kathie’s sister, and saw this post on FB…soooo thoroughly enjoyed the wedding pics…Kathie, it looked like one of the funnest weddings I have ever seen….your daughter is beautiful, her dress was simply exquisite, and they look so happily in love!!!!!


  • I just read this again and felt like I was reading it for the first time. Then I saw I already commented. Har har! Being forgetful is such a boon when it comes to entertainment. 😉

    Love you, girl. Methinks you’re due for another trip to MA…

    • Haha awesome! Glad you enjoyed – twice!

      Yes, I certainly am! Hopefully it’ll work out this spring sometime, or at least by fall! We’ll plot when you come next month!

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