Dear Geeks, may I borrow your brains a moment?

So Rachel and I had an idea – or more accurately, I had an idea, and Rachel endorsed my crazy and agreed that it should happen and she’d help make it so (…Number One… sorry.)


The idea began percolating in my brain almost a year ago:

…I wondered if there was some sort of consolidated calendar or website listing all the conferences, conventions, concerts, tweetups, meetups, and other random events and gatherings which draw the geeky masses… and for lack of a better search term, googled “nerdy events” (true story).

Through that Google search, I discovered WordCamp Philly, a couple good sites to keep an eye on for certain types of nerdy events in my area (and corresponding ones for many other interests and locations), and a sudden desire to move to Portland or Seattle or Vancouver… but no big consolidated calendar of assorted geekery!

But surely, there must be something!
  • Geeks, by the now-consensus definition, are really enthusiastic about the things we like, and have been known to… enthuse… together. In groups. On specific, pre-planned occasions.
  • A possibly substantial-if-stereotypical subset of us are the sort who like to collect, organize, and display Doctor Who memorabilia information.
  • AND the internet is basically our homeland; a disproportional number of us have some capability to produce a website.

Surely, those characteristics had overlapped in at least one person crazy enough who thought it worthwhile to create such a website.

So, I kept an eye out for one.

I asked around. I periodically repeated said googly search and many variations thereof.

I found:
. . . Many, many good websites and calendars for nerds of a particular locale.
. . . Many for certain geeky/technical professions.
. . . A veritable crazyton of genre/fandom convention calendars.
. . . Half a gazillion nerd-relevant groups on
. . . Nerdy musicians and authors and internet celebrities list their tour schedules.

But nowhere that WordCamp Philly and San Diego Comic Con and a Marian Call show and a monthly table-top gaming night and a NASA Social might all make appearances on the same website!

“Darn. Somebody should do that.”

And then I realized, No, I should do that. It would be a hellalotta work, which is probably why no one has, but it should be done, I know it can be done and roughly how to go about doing it and can learn the rest… and the thought wouldn’t leave me alone. >.<

A few weeks ago, I mentioned it to Rachel, and she agreed: This is a thing that should exist.

So, we’re doing it. 🙂

As we sort out the details and get going, however, we’re in need of some outside input from other folks who would potentially use/enjoy such a website.

We’ve talked to a few geeky friends about it, and I’ve scrabbled vaguely at twitter for name inspiration, and now we’re going to slightly-more-systematically ask you for some ideas and opinions, kay? Could you spare a few moments to share the contents of your brain with us?