Enterprise over NYC

I drove home from DC on Saturday evening, and Enterprise was scheduled to fly (via SCA) from DC to New York on Wednesday morning, so since I hadn’t really gotten any work done (or even seen my boss in over a week, I figured I should actually go to work for a few days before taking off on another random adventure, and thus figured I’d miss this one…

But then there was weather, and the ferry flight was pushed to Friday. Still wasn’t planning on going…
And then, all of a sudden, I was.

Thursday night, whatever scrap of sanity/restraint I had left snapped, and I bought a bus ticket. @CraftLass was getting a group together to watch the flyby from a pier in Hoboken, so the backdrop would be the New York skyline… and I figured out that I could take the train to the bus station in Philly, the bus to Newark, another train or two to Hoboken, meet up with the spacetweeps, watch the flyby, catch the train(s) back to Newark, bus back to Philly, train home(ish), and drive to the office by 2pm, still getting a solid couple of hours work in.

It sounded kind of nuts, but apparently I am completely unable to resist once-in-a-lifetime views. So Friday, at the buttcrack of dawn, I was up and off!

Of course, my brain wasn’t quite functional at that hour, so I was waiting on the wrong side of the train tracks until it was too late and thus missed my train, had to drive like a lunatic to 69th Street Station to get the subway to 30th Street just in time to run to my bus, but I made it!

The bus even had pretty decent WiFi, so I got to watch the Soyuz landing on NASAtv on my iPad! I figured out the train to Hoboken, which dumped me out right by the pier I was aiming for, found the crew, and waited for Enterprise!

SpaceTweeps waiting for Enterprise (Photo credit: Scott Orshan)

And she was definitely worth the trip!



Once again, we happened to be perfectly positioned and she flew right over our heads!


This is how close she actually was! Not zoomed in at all!



The flew much further on the New Jersey side than we expected, playing peek-a-boo through Hoboken!


Never did line up with the NY skyline... this was as close as we got!

Another gorgeous flyby! <3 (They'll be bringing her over to the Intrepid by barge sometime over the summer... hope I can make it back up to see that!) It looked like I had a decent amount of time before I needed to head back in the general direction of my bus homeward, so we went to grab some quick food, but between folks getting distracted talking to other shuttlespotters, and slightly misjudging how long it would take me to get back to Newark, I didn't get there in time, and had to daisy-chain transit systems all the way home! Two different PATH trains, NJTransit, SEPTA Regional Rail, SEPTA subway, and a 15 minute drive later, I was home. Unfortunately, it took a couple hours longer than the bus would have, so the still-working-a-half-day plan didn't quite pan out, but I regret nothing! 😛 😀

*The STS-134 tweetup began one year ago today! Happy tweetupversary, 134ers!