My Jesss got married!

Well, that was the most fun wedding I’ve been to in a long time! (Maybe ever?) Probably in part because of having the most people I knew and loved present!

Nice backdrop! The wedding was held in a lovely park overlooking Harrisburg, so I drove out the night before and crashed on the Keitel’s couch. After an emergency run to Best Buy to grab a camera batter (upon realizing the other one was still charging… at home!), I got dressed and headed over to the park! Apparently, while I was driving there, there was an earthquake?! I was completely unaware… I guess it wasn’t strong enough to be noticed over the normal vibration and motion of my car, so I just missed it entirely, but once everyone else arrived a little later (Jess had asked me to go early to guard the picnic area) they all clearly had noticed!

Earthquake aside, it was a gorgeous day, and a gorgeous wedding, for a gorgeous bride! (And sharp-lookin’ groom!) Everything was beautiful and simple and thoughtful and very, very, Jess!

Here comes the bride!

Escorted by her Daddy

Jess saying her vows

Zach saying his vows

With this ring...


Wedding stroll

The happy couple with the bridesmaids

The happy couple with the groomsmen

Happily Married


Also, my friends are silly. And pretty. (But mostly silly!)

Andrew and Holly enjoying the sun

Lisaface! (favorite.)



Lisa and Jesss!

I miss living with these sillies!

Lisa, Jess, Holly, Lauren

Maybe more of a balloon war?

Jessica and Zachary Brigante

So happy for you two! <3