New books! And snow! Must be Christmas!…April fools!

Ha…eh…huh? Nowait. Really, universe, what?


I can’t decide which I’m more excited to finally have / which to read first! (The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (who also wrote this lovely note), and Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale by Joss & Zack Whedon with art by Chris Samnee.) Both I already know Iā€™m going to love, and both have been a long time coming (my own doing, only actually ordered them Tuesday morning)… feels like so much more than a box of books… More like… a car… no, a mail-order bride…

*Segue to semi-creepy allegorical [day]dream sequence*

I’d spent ages fawning over pictures and descriptions…researching, contemplating, discussing and soul-searching, until I knew I had made the right selection. I placed my order and waited. One day I arrived home from work late in the evening, and as I came up into my room, saw that my beauty, my beloved, was there waiting for me. I tore away the coverings of a long journey, and lost myself in [literary] ecstasy for the next four days…

Yeah, that went creepier than expected. :/ But hey, the bond between a she-geek and her books is profound. šŸ˜‰