Previous Bloggery

A prequel/epilogue of sorts

This is not my first foray into the blogosphere. In fact, I’ve been popping in and out for quite sometime now, since the days when LiveJournal was invite only… and I didn’t have an invite, so I was on a copycat site called “Blurty”. (I did eventually get an invite to LJ, and like 2 weeks later they opened it up. Figures.)

Many of the posts found here are actually copied from previous incarnations of my bloggery. (When was this post originally written? On which site? The world may never know!!! (heck, I sure don’t remember.))

Perhaps I’ll dig the addresses for such early brain-leak-recepticals out of the abyss at some point, for the amusement value of middle?school me spilling my guts into the vast virtual vacuum. (That’s what WWW stands for, didn’t you know?* The internet was invented by Germans.**) But for now, I’m riding on the much greater probability that noone actually cares quite that much, and shall refrain for the moment.

I will, however, leave you with this link to the most recent one (besides this page, obviously), in case you’re really bored/stalking me and want to more blog-age. (I still update it periodically, but it has turned into more of a silly-picture-re-blog/fansqueeing page, and less of where I put words that mean anything, so henceforth I shall [more or less] distinguish the two as such.

In any case, for further reading:

**Pure fabrication.***
***Yes, I blog with footnotes.