Hannah & David

Family (and then some) Brunch

The next day, David’s family hosted a delightful post-wedding brunch with the family and close out-of-town friends who hadn’t had to head out too early!

What a gorgeous couple these two are!

If their “impressed” faces are any indication, they’re perfect for each other.

And then it was time to say goodbye! 🙁 I knew wouldn’t see them again before they moved to Kansas (less than a month later!) but I will definitely go visit them in Wichita soon!

I, however – since even after all the festivities, it was still only Saturday afternoon – was in no particular rush to leave the area!

So, after a quick pitstop back at Willa’s, I took a little drive up to New Hampshire to visit my cousin Adria! I spent a delightful evening catching up with her and her kiddo, Freeman; meeting her boyfriend, Otis; playing a crazy card game called Star Fluxx (as seen on TableTop and eating a tasty dinner and generally geeking around a while!

Homeward bound…(?)

I headed back and spent one last lovely night at Willa’s, packed up, and enjoyed a very tasty breakfast (complete with homemade latte, because the Worsfold family is awesome) and finally, rather reluctantly, left.

Of course, I had to stop at Hannah’s apartment, first, to drop of their wedding card/gift, because I am a dingbat and forgot to do so either of the previous two days!

And while I was there, I had to check out her beach, since I hadn’t yet, and wouldn’t get another chance before she moved away from it!

It’s a nice beach; I can see why she likes it! And lots of boats. I like boats. 🙂

Another unexpectedly ten-hour drive, lots of awkward traffic, several unintended detours due to the GPS having a mind of its own and insisting I should take 95, one really unpleasant rest stop (so crowded and icky I suddenly wasn’t hungry anymore), and one entirely alien-seeming and slightly terrifying orange thunderstorm later, I made it home!

Seriously, the pictures don’t do this thing justice. The sky was solid bright orange. It felt like I was on Mars. (Or maybe a Mars-like planet where it rains by the bathtubful.) I only dared reach for my camera towards the end of it, once the wind and rain had let up a bit – but people were still going about 30mph.

It was a fantastic wedding and an awesome trip to Massachusetts (and a reasonably pleasant visit to Mars).

I am soooooooooo happy for Hannah and David! And now that I’m done wrangling all those pictures and this very long blog post, I think I’ll go look up plane tickets to Kansas! 😀

Want to see all 423 pictures? Clicken Sie Hier!


  • Lauren, I thoroughly enjoyed this story!! Thank you so much for sharing it, and for taking all these lovely photos!! You are a fantastic photographer!! I’ve seen you many times shooting, but I think this is the first time I have seen your work. Wow!!
    God bless all your future endeavors!! Much love, Kathie
    PS so amazing that your folks got married at the same church as Jo & Dennis F!!

  • This was EPIC!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for your beautiful blogging, beloved Lauren. Can’t wait for your Wichivisit!

    • ^_^ Yaaay! You are so very welcome! Feel free to grab any of the photos from Flickr, and let me know if there are any you want prints of! (Could also dump the whole heap of them onto a disc for you if you like.)

      I can’t wait either! I’ll email you some possible dates sooooon. 😀

  • Loved this Seels! Wow. HOnestly, I spent until the last picture wondering who’s blog this was 🙂 So much fun to read and I loved every single picture. Thanks for posting!

    • Thanks! Haha oh man, you’re right, there’s absolutely no indication it’s me in the blog itself unless you look at the About page! Whoops! Guess I better do something about that! 😛 Thanks for pointing that out Beth!!

  • Pamela Fitzsimmons

    WOW!! I am great friends with Natasha’s mom, Kathie’s sister, and saw this post on FB…soooo thoroughly enjoyed the wedding pics…Kathie, it looked like one of the funnest weddings I have ever seen….your daughter is beautiful, her dress was simply exquisite, and they look so happily in love!!!!!


  • I just read this again and felt like I was reading it for the first time. Then I saw I already commented. Har har! Being forgetful is such a boon when it comes to entertainment. 😉

    Love you, girl. Methinks you’re due for another trip to MA…

    • Haha awesome! Glad you enjoyed – twice!

      Yes, I certainly am! Hopefully it’ll work out this spring sometime, or at least by fall! We’ll plot when you come next month!

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