2011, Day 2

2011 has, thus far, continued its trend of not completely sucking. And I am [technically] keeping up with my tentative resolution to blog every day, and thus the actual resolution to blog semi-regularly.

Small victory. o/

Church was interesting today… they finally announced that a fairly significant* change is about to start happening. The possibility has been brewing, officially-though-quietly, for a couple years now. I smelled it coming a good deal sooner than that, but didn’t realize it at the time. What is actually going to happen is yet to be determined, but things are officially set in motion now… so it will be interesting* to see what goes down in the coming months.

Entirely unrelatedly, I went to a wedding a few days ago. On Wednesday. It was a decidedly odd time for a wedding, and slightly inconvenient, being smack in the middle of the holiday week (though not according to Job #3…), but was a lovely celebration and a good excuse to take a couple days off and actually have a little time to enjoy the holidays.┬áInitially, I thought it was far enough away that I’d have to spend the night somewhere, so I requested Thursday off too, and then it turned out it was close enough that it was easier to just drive home afterwards, so I had a legit day off on Thursday, and Friday was the official holiday for New Years, so between those and the weekend I had a nice little mini-break. (Of course, I worked at Job #1 yesterday and scattered hours for Job #2 throughout, so I wasn’t totally free, but at least I got to catch up on sleep a bit.)

Back to the normal unpleasant schedule tomorrow, bright-and-way-too-early.

* Understatement.

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