I was expecting a box of yarn…

I ordered a bunch of yarn last week to start making Joff’s Slytherin house scarf (in the style of the later movies) and am itching to start on it, so when my mom called this morning before I left for work to tell me that there was a package on the front porch for me, I assumed it was my KnitPicks order and rushed down to open it and take some of the yarn (and the new needles I ordered to try out) along with me so I could work on it at lunch and while I was out after work.

I opened the door and the box looked a little bigger than expected but not unreasonably so. (Not like the needles I ordered from Amazon a few weeks ago, which came in approximately 1000 times more box than necessary – my entire order that time would have literally fit in a standard letter envelope, but I got a 9x12x4inch box full of packaged air with some tiny knitting needles at the bottom.)

As I picked it up, I noticed the box was also significantly heavier than expected, though that didn’t fully register at the time, because my brain was busy trying to figure out why KnitPicks would have sent my yarn in a box that said “Mayfair Games” on the side… maybe they’re really big on recycling? I knew I hadn’t ordered any games, so that was the most reasonable explanation my not-yet-caffeinated brain could come up with.

Only when I got it inside, set it on the ottoman, and went to open it, did I notice the return address – Stevens Point, Wisconsin – and start thinking moderately logical thoughts (mostly):

“Stevens Point? Isn’t that Pat Rothfuss and Worldbuilders territory?”

Minor setback in the logicking: “Wow, I didn’t know KnitPicks was out that way too!”

Recovery: “Wait a minute, I donated to the Worldbuilders fundraiser this year… and… prizes… they send prizes… donating enters you in the prize lottery… I wonder if I won a prize? …I think I won a prize! Holy carp, I won a prize!”

…and then I finally got the tape off it.

Finally having made sense of this conundrum of a box and gaining access to it (the plastic knife I wielded was no match for the packing tape, but the rain-dampened cardboard had mercy on my poor addled morning brain), I sifted through a cubic foot of crumpled brown paper (turns out the box was excessively large for its contents after all) and extracted a large gold envelope with some sort of paper-doll-esque… something, a folded sheet of computer paper that turned out to be a letter from – yes indeed – Worldbuilders, a Worldbuilders sticker, and my awesome prize, a game called “Shear Panic!” from (surprise!) Mayfair Games!

It wasn’t a box of yarn, but it WAS full of sheep!

Which, unless whoever was shipping out lottery prizes that day is seriously stalking me and made the connection between my full name and my yarn-obsessed internet presence is quite the crazy random happenstance!

I can’t wait to round up some friends for a game night and try it out! It sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun, and not *just* because it’s sheep themed!

In the meantime, I brought the other component of my prize to work with me, as it seems best suited for an office environment.

What other component? That piece of cardstock with the weird brown shape on it, pictured next to the game!

Turns out it’s my very own tiny “Tableflip Papercraft Toy No. 1



* Very satisfying.

Thank you Worldbuilders, Sir Rothfuss, and Mayfair Games! I didn’t donate in hopes of getting a prize – I donated because Worldbuilders and Heifer International are doing good in the world and I’m a fan of that. (See also: this.) But I certainly appreciate this fun (if initially puzzling) surprise!!! I will be sure to update once I’ve played Shear Panic! and remind all 4.5 people who read my blog about Worldbuilders when next year’s fundraiser rolls around!