read: I like your moxie, sassafras.

I like your moxie, sassafras.

As per a friend’s excellent recommendation, the current marathon is Pushing Daisies. Oh. My. Goodness. Well done, friend. I’m hooked. The characters are brilliant, the plots are entertaining, the dialog is witty as all get out, and occasionally, they sing! It’s all so quirky and wonderful and cartoonish. 😀 And, as per usual, I’ve fallen […]

read: Ambifluous.


Yep, ambifluous. I was looking for a word to describe this state of mind, but that’s all I came up with. And it’s not actually a word. I guess it’s somewhere in between “ambivalent” and “superfluous”, which doesn’t quite peg it, but it’s not the worst approximation… there’s always “purple”… or… “Scandanavian.” Those are slightly […]

read: SNOWF.


The sistercreature is home. J-term break. I somehow thought it was already the normal spring semester, while having no idea January was that close to over. Total surprise. I was just standing in the kitchen, minding my own business, looking for lunch at 3pm, and all the sudden the door made sounds and there she […]