I was expecting a box of yarn…

I ordered a bunch of yarn last week to start making Joff’s Slytherin house scarf (in the style of the later movies) and am itching to start on it, so when my mom called this morning before I left for work to tell me that there was a package on the front porch for me, I assumed it was my KnitPicks order and rushed down to open it and take some of the yarn (and the new needles I ordered to try out) along with me so I could work on it at lunch and while I was out after work.…

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New books! And snow! Must be Christmas!…April fools!

Ha…eh…huh? Nowait. Really, universe, what?


I can’t decide which I’m more excited to finally have / which to read first! (The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (who also wrote this lovely note), and Serenity: The Shepherd’s Tale by Joss & Zack Whedon with art by Chris Samnee.) Both I already know I’m going to love, and both have been a long time coming (my own doing, only actually ordered them Tuesday morning)… feels like so much more than a box of books… More like… a car… no, a mail-order bride…

*Segue to semi-creepy allegorical [day]dream sequence*

I’d spent ages fawning over pictures and descriptions…researching, contemplating, discussing and soul-searching, until I knew I had made the right selection.

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