“Mom, is there any more tomato juice?” “I think there’s another in the basement, but don’t open it ’cause there’s a bunch of juice open in the fridge.” I take her word for it, knowing the usual state of that fridge, and drink seltzer instead. (It’s cold enough in here to drink without refrigerating.) A few hours later, I decide […]

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Hannah & David

Holy moly, aren’t they adorable? That *might* have something to do with why I took so many photos that it took me two and a half months to get them all processed (over 900 altogethr) and the decent ones (423) uploaded. (If you want to see them all, they’re here.) First, a couple shots from Hannah’s PA wedding shower back […]

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Thirteen Things I’m Thankful For

If I tried to list everything I’m thankful for, it would end up being either really abstract (silliness, grace, love, freedom, etc.) or downright molecular (oxygen, water, carbon…) (Also, infinitely long… moreso because I’m a super-analytical, detail-oriented perfectionist, than actually because I’m grateful for that many things. I mean, I am, but what would really kill the list is the […]

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