Enterprise over NYC

I drove home from DC on Saturday evening, and Enterprise was scheduled to fly (via SCA) from DC to New York on Wednesday morning, so since I hadn’t really gotten any work done (or even seen my boss in over a week, I figured I should actually go to work for a few days before taking off on another random adventure, and thus figured I’d miss this one…

But then there was weather, and the ferry flight was pushed to Friday.

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Welcome Discovery Rogue TweetUp

I’d thought after the space shuttles retired, I’d be done chasing them… but then they announced their “retirement plan” would be moving them to various museums – Atlantis staying at KSC, but Discovery to the National Air & Space Museum’s annex outside of DC, Enterprise moving from there to the Intrepid Air & Sea Museum in NYC, and Endeavour heading out to California somewhere – all traveling via the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA), previously used to life Enterprise for test landings and retrieve orbiters that landed at Edwards.…

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