Just kidding. 😛

About this little moon:

It’s a blog! …but, I’m guessing you’ve figured that much out yourself. Or hey, maybe you haven’t. I won’t judge.

In any case, it is, in fact a blog. Thus, you can expect lots of words, and some pictures. On certain occasions, there may even be music or video, but don’t get your hopes up.

It is the blog of one Lauren Sell. Thus, it is likely to contain spaceships and grammar and crafts and kittens and fiction and robots and yarn and numbers and coffee and a thousand other facets of my particular brand of geekery. Now and then, there *may* even be a coherent thought lurking about.

The name is not random. The phrase is not my own – rather, a fragment of a line that is awesome, but just a fragment of a greater pile of awesomeness. And while I do love our own dusty satellite, she is not the little moon to which the phrase originally referred. So, mini-contest:

If you can identify the line from which I draw my title, who said it and in what context, you win!

You’ll even get a prize! Hmm… yes, I will make you a very fine hat.

About lauren:

Yep, that pretty much covers it. (To be clear, that’s Unicorn plus Cloud to the Pony-Bear-th power, over Pink Marshmallow, equals lauren hugging C3PO. Just in case you couldn’t tell.) *This is Elliott‘s fault.*


Right. What was I saying?

Oh yes. me. Anyways.

A slighty skitterbrained 20-something nerd who lives in the interwebs and sleeps slightly west of Philadelphia, I work at a little start-up as the Web Content Manager, an interesting adventure that’s half web design, half editing, half tech support, and half office assistant. Yes, all the halves. ALL OF THEM.

I’m addicted to caffeine and stories, both in any available medium, though I’m particularly fond of triple grande vanilla soy lattes and sci-fi novels/tv.

I make: things out of yarn, internets, music (singing harmony), food for friends, and messes.

I take: naps, pictures, roadtrips, and my own sweet time.

I love: my dog, space, good friends, chicken tikka masala, cobalt blue glass, and driving. (among other things!)

I hate: alarm clocks, laundry, peppers.

This is my face:

Extremely excited about a bag of leftover greenbeans.

With Rachel, wearing paper crowns!

Anything else you’d like to know, feel free to ask! Comment on a relevant post, email me, or tweet me @ohlauren!

More of my face:

Hugging a Curiosity-like rover 🙂

Sideways, in a Jayne hat.