Hey look, I found a Tyler!

That other time we knew each other.

I haven’t seen this goof in… four years!

He’s from California (now living in Portland, Oregon), and we met in Minnesota, where we had two weeks training with a organization called CTI, which puts together bands and sends them to do music ministry in various countries for a month!

So, then his team went to Honduras and mine to Taiwan, and we were all together again briefly at the end, but that was it!

Thanks to the wonders of the interwebs, vaguely keeping in touch, twitter, facebook, and bloggery, I heard he was planning a cross-country train trip!

He didn’t end up stopping long in Philly, but he had enough of a layover at 30th Street to meet up and have lunch! What fun!

Perhaps we should hang out more than once every four years, though, eh?

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