#NASAtweetup #4: @Astro_Ron at HQ

Much to my surprise, I got into ANOTHER #NASAtweetup! This one, like the first I went to, was a sort of re-cap tweetup at NASA headquarters in DC, this time with Astronaut Ron Garan, recently returned from the International Space Station! (And that one was on my birthday, this one was on Valentine’s Day!)

It was really interesting to hear about the astronaut experience flying in a Soyuz (especially since that’s the only way to get people to space right now!) and more about living and working on the ISS, being on the station side of a shuttle-ISS meeting, and having his return delayed, delayed more, and then un-delayed… I can’t do it justice… you should probably just look it up on Youtube and watch the tweetup yourself! Or better yet, apply for the next tweetup and go find out first hand!

But here’s some pictures:


Q&A time

Astronaut Ron Garan answering tweeps' questions


Another fantastic #NASAtweetup!

It also was Stephanie Schierholz’ last day as NASA’s Social Media Manager, so they took a moment to honor her. (She’s off to do the same job for a private company, Raytheon!)

Stephanie Schierholz's last day at NASA

A lovely gift for @Schierholz

There were quite a few familiar faces at this tweetup, too!


AstroTimmy's on NASAtv!

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