Two Weddings in One Day!

Well, that was a first for me! I can’t remember if I was ever invited to more than one wedding in a day before or not, but this was definitely the first time they were scheduled so I could actually go to both! (Of course, I ended up missing the first ceremony, because my car was feeling cranky, but that’s beside the point.)

It worked out nicely, as they were both out in Lancaster-ish, and scheduled so I had time to get from one to the next, though I didn’t have too long to linger at the earlier reception.

Mr. & Mrs. Miller

Adam and Michelle were first on the agenda! I sort of grew up with Adam, as our parents have been in the same bible study group since I was in… 2nd grade? So he was in 1st, I believe. Haven’t seen much of him lately, but our parents are good friends, and our families hung out quite a bit when we were younger. I don’t know Michelle, and missed the darn ceremony thanks to my car being a drama queen, but they looked happy and cute at the reception, so yay!

Mr. and Mrs. Miller

Michelle and Adam Miller

Michelle and her Dad

Adam and his Mom

The adorablest cake topper!

Mr. & Mrs. Lehman

Next up, Sarah and Devon! Sarah is a good friend from the freshman peer group I led my sophomore year (the first of three groups I led, and by far the closest! (and dare I say… awesomest?!)) and the Collaboratory, where I also got to know Devon some, and I approve. 😛 It was a lovely wedding, gorgeous and terribly classy, yet still fun and a bit quirky! If you know these two, you’d expect nothing less. 🙂

Exchanging rings

''You may kiss the bride!''

Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Lehman

The getaway drivers

After the official exit, they snuck back into the church for pictures, and I decided to play photo ninja and do the same! I didn’t want to get in anyone’s way, so I went up to the balcony like a creeper. 😀 I got a lot of the same shots the photographer was going for, with a slightly different angle, and a couple awesome candid moments in between the poses.

Pretty Sarah

The beautiful bride


Little ring bearer is not impressed with your kissyface.

Eventually, photos were wrapping up, so rejoined the crowd heading to a nearby country club for the reception. I mostly continued to roam around taking pictures, but unfortunately, it was rather dim, and I didn’t feel like blinding everyone with my flash, so a lot of my shots were quite dark, but some turned out rather nicely!

Pre-dinner mingling

Soon, the wedding party arrived, dinner was served (and delicious), and then it was time for dancing!

First dance as husband and wife

...which concluded with a foot-poppin' kiss!

Daddy-daughter dance

Mother-son dance

The DJ then asked all the married couples to come out onto the dance floor… and gradually narrowed it down to those who had been married the longest.

The final four

The couple who’ve been married the longest turned out to be Sarah’s grandparents. They shared the secret to staying married so long with the newlyweds, and then the couples married longest and shortest paused for a picture together. (Ridiculously cute!)

Then... this happenned.

And delightfully geeky cupcakes for a pair of comp.sci. majors!

I very much enjoyed reading the cupcakes, (decorated with mathy/computery/geeky symbols and terms!) and eating them was even better! (Dinner was fantastically delicious too!) I was less keen on the dancing and it had been a fairly long day, so I made a fairly early exit, hugged and congratulated the happy couple, and set off on the hour.5 drive home.

Happy 0th Anniversary, Devon and Sarah!

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