Snow Safari! (or something.)

I ventured out into the world today, for the first time since… Tuesday night? Not that the snow was keeping me in, just didn’t have anywhere to go Wednesday-Saturday. (I don’t actually have a life, Job #1 is still in temporary schedule limbo, and Job #2 is portable.)

Most of the roads in the area are totally fine now, but my neighborhood is kind of the Bermuda Triangle, (it’s nearly impossible to find where you’re looking for, geometry and physics don’t apply, and if you end up there accidentally you may never find your way out,) so unsurprisingly, my street and the ones it connects to haven’t been properly plowed since the snow finished snowing.

Now, the plow passed by my window several times during the snow, and at least two of those was actually plowing, but they appear to have given up several inches too soon.

So, you’ve got the small continuous mounds of snow edging into the average-bordering-on-narrow street along the curb, from people shoveling their stretches of sidewalk, plus the sporadically spaced giant snow mountains of what the trucks did plow, just kind of chillin there (pun unintended but admitted, unashamed), and then all the cars that park in the street wedged in wherever they can, as close to the now-merely-theoretical curb as the snow mounds/mountains will permit, resulting in a veritable one-lane maze.

But alas, recall those last few inches of snow that snowed since the snowplow stopped plowing? Yeah, they’re still on the road. Of course, people have been driving over them for a few days, so some spots have melted down to the road and since dried up, some melted but then re-froze into nice slippy bits, others are packed down hard into solid bumps, and then there’s the spots that aren’t quite sure, so you drive up on them and then they decide they’re slippy or slushy…

So you’re bump-crunch-slip-slosh-sliding down the road, weaving between snow mountains and parked cars and not-parked cars coming from the other way and the occasional pedestrian, while trying not to slow down too much, because if you lose momentum on the wrong stretch, you might end up parked there til spring… and it’s awesome. 😀 Like off-roading, but on the road. Very entertaining.

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