My life happens in approximately 3‑month chunks.

Ah, at last, I’m down to just 2 jobs again. The contract at Job #3 ended a little earlier than expected. It was supposed to last 3 months, then I could potentially be hired permanently, or it could be extended, or it could just be done. Since I held onto Jobs #1 and #2 all this time, and the three altogether didn’t leave much time for anything else, all I really wanted was a decision, and thankfully, that’s what I got.

On one hand it’s obviously disappointing not to come out of it with a permanent full-time job with benefits, decent money, and friendly coworkers, but on the other, it’s quite nice not to have to drive an hour each way to do a pretty mundane job (the work wasn’t bad, but not something I wanted to do for too long), and finally have time to focus on the other jobs, catch up with friends and tv shows, and still have time to sleep. So all said and done, it averages out to indifference, roughly.

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