In the Interim

Haha well, clearly that “blogging consistently” thing has worked so very well these last few months. Actually, no, scratch that, I have been blogging fairly consistently, just not for me or as me or on my own blog.

See, since I last posted here, I have somehow acquired two more jobs. Job #1, as you may recall, is peddling books and beverages.

Job #2 is another part time gig, basically transcribing and editing blog posts and other chunks of wordage for a marketing consultant. So I have been posting on a blog at least once a week, just not my blog, not my ideas, only half my words, and I get paid for it.

Job #3 is mainly adding bookmarks and links to PDFs (the company is a middleman for pharmaceutical companies’ regulatory paperwork). It’s full time, but only a contact position right now, so I can’t quit the others (or even one of them) until I find out if they’re keeping me beyond that.

So, for now, I’m in a strange sort of employment-limbo. Thankfully, 3-jobs-limbo includes three paychecks, but it also keeps me absurdly busy.

Thus, the lack of bloggery.

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