I like your moxie, sassafras.

As per a friend’s excellent recommendation, the current marathon is Pushing Daisies.


Well done, friend. I’m hooked. The characters are brilliant, the plots are entertaining, the dialog is witty as all get out, and occasionally, they sing! It’s all so quirky and wonderful and cartoonish. 😀

And, as per usual, I’ve fallen for the main character, Ned the pie maker. He’s so adorkable. Him and Chuck the alive-again-dead-girl are so cute together.

Ironically, he reminds me of another Chuck, of the more typical male variety, Chuck Bartowski. Something about the tall, caring, funny, slightly awkward, average sort of guy with a special talent he’s not quite sure what to do with, and a smile that turns me into a pile of goo on the floor.

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