Happy New Year!

2011 is off to an interesting start.

I was invited to celebrate with friends in the city proper. My dad was driving the sistercreature in to the same area at about the same time I was planning to go, so I figured I may as well ride in with them, and catch a ride home with other friends I knew would be in attendance, who live near me. Great plan, except I somehow missed the memo that everyone was planning on spending the night. So, surprise sleepover. And I have to work tomorrow afternoon. (Job #1.)

But it’s cool. I’ll survive, and I adore these people. Twas a very fun evening. : D

I think my New Year’s resolution will be to blog (for my own sanity, not just the job one) on a regular basis. And to spend time with God consistently. I’m bad at both of those. Maybe that can change this year.


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