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Work today was… work-ish. Mostly boring and cold and sleepy, occasionally amusing.

There’s a pair of sisters at Job #3. The younger one got hired with me, and the older one is my cube-neighbor. I rarely see the younger one, and don’t think I’ve had an actual (even brief) conversation with her in the 2+ months we’ve been working there, but every so often, she comes over to her sister’s cube and I overhear a conversation between the two of them…

  • First it makes me laugh.
  • Then it makes me feel really intelligent/superior.
  • Then I feel like an asshat for feeling superior.
  • Then it just goes back to making me laugh.

It’s not that they’re morons, but they don’t seem to be the sharpest crayons in the box either. Mostly, it’s just that their experiences, priorities, and thought processes are so foreign to me… it’s like an anthropological study. Haha.

Today, the one was telling the other about an app she found for her iProduct-of-choice… it was one of those harmonic brainwave-tuner things that uses different frequencies to affect your mood/mental state/whatever.

“…and it really works! I tried the calming one. I thought about something upsetting and listened to it, and felt better! And I put on the one that’s supposed to put you to sleep, and I got really tired…” 

Something about the way she said it… it was like “Aw, how quaint, she’s trying to do science!” (Not quite as judgy as that sounds. Heck, she could be very intelligent, for all I know. But they are hilarious/fascinating to overhear.)

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