An Interesting Contrast

I fall for fictional characters like it’s my job.

It seems every show I watch and love, I fall for the leading man. (Or sometimes not the leading man, but at least one of the guys in the main cast.) Maybe it’s just that I like shows more when they have some fine specimen of manliness for me to crush on. Probably both. We all know I’m a sucker. 😛

Right now I’m watching through Torchwood and drooling over Captain Jack Harkness. Before this I was catch-up-marathon-ing Bones, and slightly in love with Agent Seely Booth. Clearly there’s something about dashing hero types with government backing but a cowboy attitude, but beyond that, those two are rather different.

Booth is completely transparent and loyal to his country and his friends. Jack, on the other hand, is a bit of an enigma, and we’re never quite sure exactly where his loyalties lie (so far… maybe it becomes clearer later). Booth seems to mostly have and follow a similar sense of right and wrong as I do, while Jack is apparently a reformed con-man who follows a different moral code and I don’t quite understand what his values are. Booth is an old-fashioned one girl [at a time] kind of guy and ultimately in love with Brennan, Jack is… shall we say, indiscriminant, as far as I can tell. Booth is pretty close to perfect, Jack is gorgeous and funny and often infuriating, and they’re both irresistible… and fictional. (Details, details.)

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