Settling in…

…to a new phase of life, in a few ways.

  • Settling in to life as a graduate and some new jobbage. That’s right, world, I’m employed. I was a student, now I’m a bookseller/barista. Thrilling, right?
  • Settling in back home. After 4 years of dealing with roommates of various types/levels of crazy, but being mostly in charge of my own living, I am now once again in my parents’ house, but with my own space. An interesting trade-off.
  • Settling in back at my home church. Couldn’t be very involved for the last few years, since I was gone most of the year, particularly the parts of the year when most things happenned, but I did connect with a lovely housechurch out at school. Now that I’m back in the area for the forseeable future, I’m able to finally get involved again.
  • Settling into great friendships. There’s a lot of overlap here with the last one, as I’m making a bunch of new friends through various church adventures, getting to know others better, and reconnecting with some old friends (both church friends and friends/acquaintances from highschool and such). Also making new friends at work!
  • Settling in to new perspectives and deeper faith. More on that later! For now, goodnight!

And accordingly, settling in to a new blog. 😀

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